What is the "HypeZone"?


The HypeZone Channels are the must-watch Mixer channels featuring the most exciting, down-to-the-wire action. HypeZone scans select games (see below) in search for key moments. This gives viewers the opportunity to discover streamers of all levels during the most intense moments of the game.

What games support the HypeZone?

When will you be adding new games to the HypeZone?

  • We're looking at adding new games to join the HypeZone. Have an idea for a game? Drop it on our feedback site at

How do I get on the HypeZone? 

  • In order to be featured on a HypeZone channel, you'll need to be one of the closest to that victory on Mixer. If lucky enough, HypeZone will pick you and you'll get a surprise boost of audience to cheer you on. 

What platforms support the HypeZone?

  • As long as a supported game* (see above) is on the platform, it can be picked up by the HypeZone. (*excluding mobile versions of the game)

How to avoid getting "missed" by the HypeZone:

All Games:

  • In order for the HypeZone to potentially pick you up, you need to have the game screen fill the entire stream view (no borders making the game smaller).
  • Poor stream quality can also play a role in affecting your ability to be featured. The more clear the stream, the better. 

"Battle Royale" Style Games:

  • Have the "alive" counter clear of obstruction (overlays, alerts, etc).

Rainbow 6 Siege:

  • Have the complete score bar at the top of the HUD clear of obstructions (overlays, alerts, etc).

Apex Legends:

  • Make sure squads left and kills are also clear of obstructions (overlays, alerts, etc).

How do I opt out of potentially being featured on HypeZone?

  • If you wish to not be picked up by HypeZone, you may disable this feature via the Broadcast page of your Broadcast Dashboard. After disabling the option, click "save" and you're set. 

Have you encountered an issue with the HypeZone? Reach out to us at

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