Streaming With XSplit

How to use XSplit

  1. Download XSplit at
  2. Once downloaded and installed, head to Outputs > Set up a new output > Get more outputs... From here, find and install the Mixer source. xsplit-mixer-update1.png
  3. Once the Mixer output source has been installed, you'll be prompted to Authorize your Mixer account. Select Authorize and sign in to the account you want to stream to. 
  4. After authorizing, you'll be ran through the setup wizard to determine the best ingest server, connection speed, and resolution. Click finish once it's done running. 
  5. This will bring up your Mixer Properties settings where you can custom your stream setting. However everything should be in order if you used the setup wizard. Note if you want to stream with our sub-second FTL service, you'll want to check "Use FTL (Beta)" or else you will be using RTMP with a higher delay. Click OK to save the settings. xsplit-mixer-update2.png 
  6. That's it, you're all setup! You can now select Outputs again and click the profile you just setup to go live on Mixer!
  • For more in depth information on setting up different resolutions and quality, see here.

If you have troubles getting started, contact us and we'll do what we can to assist you.

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