End-to-End Troubleshooting Guide: Issues Broadcasting Mixer Streams

You can check the Mixer Service Health Dashboard  to see if there are currently any known service issues.

Broadcaster Issues

For a conceptual description of all that can go wrong between the broadcaster and the viewer of a stream on Mixer, please see the article on How streaming traffic is delivered. For help resolving additional viewer performance issues, please see End-to-End TSG: Issues Viewing Mixer Streams.

OBS Issues:

  1. You can broadcast on Mixer with either OBS FTL or OBS Tachyon (but there are some feature differences).
    • You can only dual stream to Mixer and other services with OBS or XSplit.
    • Mixer's proprietary OBS FTL is faster, allowing for broadcasting in real time.
  2. Both programs are updated frequently to address issues as they arise.
    • If you have any issues with OBS FTL, please try updating to the newest Beta release of OBS FTL, and make sure that you have the correct versions of DLLs for FTL.
  3. There are some differences in features for Mixer broadcasters depending on their plan:
* VoDs are retained for 14 days for regular and Pro users, 90 days for Partners.
Mixer Service Issues:
  1. You can check Mixer service health from:
  2. Please let us know if your stream is broken (or stuck broadcasting).

Performance Issues:

  1. The broadcaster's encoder settings are set too high and their hardware can't handle it. The broadcaster may need to adjust their stream settings.
  2. The broadcaster's game or other software is capping out their CPU and not leaving enough resources for the encoder (xsplit/obs). A common symptom is buffering when action gets intense in an FPS. The broadcaster should try setting their encoder software's CPU Process Priority higher than the thing that's CPU-Hogging in Task Manager in Windows.
  3. Check dropped frames/CPU usage.
  4. Try lower settings and bitrate (keyframe interval should be set to 1)
  5. Try a different ingest server, make sure to restart stream.
  6. Try a modem refresh, or talk to your ISP about an IP address change, if you suspect a DDoS.
  7. If you open a support request about a broadcasting issue, you may be asked for your OBS log files to help us troubleshoot your issue.
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