Streaming With OBS Studio

There are two ways to stream with Mixer: RTMP or FTL.

  • RTMP protocol has a standard delay of up to 10-15 seconds that works with OBS and XSplit.
  • FTL is our very own sub-second streaming protocol that uses our custom version OBS Studio that we call OBS-FTL, or via XSplit.

How to use OBS Studio

This is a step by step guide to get you streaming to Mixer with OBS Studio.

  1. Download OBS Studio from
  2. Once downloaded and installed, head to File > Settings
  3. Open the “Stream” tab. On this screen you’ll want to select:
    • Stream Type: Streaming Services
    • Service:
    • Server: Usually you'll want to select the closet ingest server to your location. If you’re unsure which ingest to pick, visit and click "setup stream". Then "Use OBS" and you’ll be given the closest ingest.
    • On the same screen as the ingest above, you’ll also see your stream key. You’ll want to copy and paste that into Stream key in OBS Studio (Do NOT share this key with anyone!). Please make sure there is no spaces before or after the key.
    • Click Apply.
  4. Next you’ll want to click the “Output” tab. On this screen you’ll need to enter your Video Bitrate to a respected upload that you have through your internet provider. You can check this by visiting Please note that we currently have a bitrate cap of 10000kbps. See Stream Settings: The Basics for more information regarding these settings. 
  5. Click Apply once again and then OK. Now you're setup! Just hit Start Streaming and you should be live on Mixer!
  • For more in depth information on setting up different resolutions and quality, see here.

There are many other options in OBS Studio that you can play around with to fine tune your quality and experience. You can find many tutorials online or on the official OBS website here.

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