Changing Account Settings

Username Changes:

  • How do I change my username?
  • My name is already taken, how do I claim it?
    • If your desired name is in use by a Mixer user (even if they are inactive), in almost every case, you will need to select a new name. For exceptions please see the Name Release Policy.
  • I wish to delete my account.
  • What happens to my Xbox Live Gamertag if I change my Mixer username? 
    • Nothing! While your Mixer account and Microsoft account might be linked, changing one or the other does not change both. If you wish to change your Gamertag or Mixer name, you'll have to do so interdependently. 

Login Changes:

  • How do I change my password?
  • How do I change my email address on my account?
  • How do I enable Two-Factor Authentication?
    • You may enable 2FA by heading to and clicking “ENABLE” From there you will be instructed on how to complete the process. Please save your recovery codes incase you lose your 2FA device! If you lose your device and code, we will not be able to grant you access to your account.
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