How much are the Subscription Payouts and Fees for Partners?

We know it's important to keep track of your subscription revenue, and it helps to know exactly how much to expect each month. With each subscription, we have to pay the third party services their fees before we split the profit with you. So, after we pay Paypal and Stripe, we split the balance with you, according to your contract.

PayPal & Stripe are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. So $5.99 for a sub - $0.47 for the transaction fee = $5.52 / 2 = $2.76 per sub, for the 50% revenue partner contract.

For example, to find out your earnings if you had 41 subs you would multiply that number by $2.76 and that would be your payout.
41 * $2.76 = $113.16 

This should help you keep track of what to expect every month. If anything surprises or confuses you, when you get your payout, please take the numbers to your partner manager, they'd be happy to help you it out.

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