When a streamer is live, they're providing their audio/video content at a certain quality level: for example, 720p or 1080p. The higher the quality, the more data they need to send and the better the internet upload rate they need.

Similarly - to watch that stream - a viewer must have fast enough internet and download rate to continuously receive that video content! If the viewer's download rate is slower than required, the stream will constantly buffer!

Transcoding is the conversion of one format to another; in Mixer's case, the conversion of a larger, higher quality rate to a smaller, lower quality one.

  • For example: from a 1080p source down to 480p

It can help to prevent buffering when a viewer has slower internet or simply allow a viewer to lessen how much bandwidth they're using, if they don't mind the lower quality video.

How to enable transcodes:

- Transcodes are unlocked and available with every Mixer account by default! There is no longer a need to unlock this feature. Every stream (as long as it's not FTL) will have the available transcode options.
  • Standard streamers can transcode at: 480p.
  • Partner streamers can transcode at: 720p, 480p, and 240p.

* PLEASE NOTE: Transcoding is not compatible with FTL streams.



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