Am I ready to be a Mixer partner?

You've been building your channel, and you've got your eye on partnership--great! Partnership with Mixer is fun and rewarding, and it's an important role to fill, representing Mixer in the online world. But are you ready to apply?

There are many factors that we consider when reviewing for partnership, from the minimum requirements to the overall characteristics of the channel. Let's focus on the numbers for this conversation, though, because this is how you get past the initial review.

Active viewers in chat are most important.

You'll see the minimum requirements to apply are 750 followers and 50+ viewers. 750 followers is a decent metric to imply that you've got a good following, but it serves more as an email notification system than as a way to measure how active your community is. It's the 50+ viewers that we're looking for.

What does that mean, 50+ viewers?

We mean that most streams should be at least in the 50s, throughout the length of the stream. We also mean active viewers. If you've got 100s of viewers, but only 3 chatters, this is often an indication that something is not quite right. There is definitely a natural give and take during the length of the stream, and certain streaming styles are more engaging than others, but we're going for a good balance of interactivity between streamer and viewers.

What about those slow streams?

Every streamer faces down swings or the odd stream where fewer than normal people show up. The review process does allow for this. We look at your numbers over at least 2 months' time, and we're looking for an upward trend. A stream here or there with lower than minimum numbers will not negatively impact your review. Neither will a stream here or there with significantly higher numbers. We're looking at the overall picture, looking for a strong and healthy channel that is obviously growing naturally.

Are my numbers good enough to apply?

You're able to view your analytics from our analytics page. You can look for yourself, from the drop down menu under your name in the top right corner of the page. If there's a lot of stream activity, and the numbers all look great, then that's a great sign that you're ready to apply for partnership. You'll want to be between 50 and 60 average viewers. We'll also be looking for a steady climb in numbers and consistency. 

If your numbers are still not there but you're seeing consistent growth, then you're on the right path. Remember, there is nothing wrong with having small streams! They are often the most memorable and enjoyable, because the interaction level can be really high. But if you're pushing for partnership, you'll need to hold course for a while longer before applying.


If you'd like more ideas about how to improve your channel, or would like to learn more about the partnership program, check out the Partnership Knowledge Base!



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