Am I ready to be a Mixer Partner?

The Mixer Partnership Series

  1. Am I ready to be a Mixer Partner?
  2. Partnership Requirements
  3. Mixer Partnership Quality Review
  4. What happens in the Partnership Review Process?
  5. What does Mixer expect from me as a Partner?

You've been building your channel, and you've got your eye on partnership--great! Partnership with Mixer is fun and rewarding, and it's an important role to fill, representing Mixer in the online world. But are you ready to apply?

There are many factors that we consider when reviewing for partnership, from the minimum requirements to the overall characteristics of the channel. Our goal is to make sure that our new partners are set up for success when they apply, and may decline a channel if we feel they aren't ready. Let's look at each part of the review, so you can self-assess whether you're ready for partnership.

Do I meet the minimum requirements consistently?

When we review channels for application, we consider the previous 30 days' activities to determine whether the channel is ready for review, but once they get into review (and after they become partner!) we want to see the channel hitting the minimum requirements consistently. If you apply after you've been able to consistently hit the minimum requirements for a few months, you'll have more confidence of being able to keep partnership and grow your channel.

Do I have a high quality profile?

Every brand is different in the details, but there are certain markers of professional streams that set high quality streams apart from the masses. The very basics you should have:

  • A recognizable avatar
  • Social media linked on channel and channel linked on social media
  • Brand-appropriate graphics in stream and in description
  • An easy to find and consistent schedule posted
  • High quality video & audio

A good channel will keep improving, so we recommend developing the habit of reviewing your own channel for quality regularly.

Is my channel growing?

Partnership is not an end, it's just a start! If you want to take part in bigger and better promotions with the partnership department, you'll need to increase the size of your brand. To do this, you'll need to track your viewer counts, focusing on the active viewers who return to and engage in your channel, and take steps toward growing this number.

When reviewing channels, we take into consideration the types of content, but we do expect all partner channels to have a consistent pattern of upward growth over time that is reasonable to that content and channel. 

How familiar am I with Mixer as a brand?

Our partners are our best representatives, they're the ones who use the service the most and the ones who know the community the best. When a channel becomes partnered, users immediately expect they have more answers than any other streamer on the platform. Are you ready for the questions?

We recommend spending time to test, use, and familiarize yourself with the features of Mixer. You'll want to be able to explain how to make the most out of a Mixer experience. You'll also want to be familiar with the official channels of communication:


If you'd like more ideas about how to improve your channel, or would like to learn more about the partnership program, check out the Partnership Knowledge Base!



Note that meeting the minimum requirements to apply for partnership does not guarantee partnership. All channels applying for partnership are expected to have a very high level of quality to their content and are subject to further review by the Mixer Partnerships team. 
Mixer Partnerships reserves the right to decline partnership to any brand or channel that does not fit the Mixer or Microsoft brand with or without further explanation.
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