Chat Commands

All user enabled commands: 

These are available for all users in any channel. Please note that not all commands are supported on all platforms.


/w {username} [message]

While not limited to use by moderators, it’s an extremely helpful and the mostly commonly used command. It gives the a moderator the ability to privately reach out to a user and address any concerns.


/mute {username}

For times when it’s annoying for you, but maybe not for everyone else, you can temporarily mute an individual user. The experience in chat won’t change for anybody else but you and the person you mute will not be alerted to your decision so no hard feelings should be generated. This will only last as long as you are in that specific channel. If you leave and come back, the mute is no longer in effect. This does not require the moderation user role. Any user can mute any other user in the channel. If using the mobile apps, you will need to tap on the user's name in chat and use the "block" feature. 

Moderator and Channel Owner Commands: 

In addition to vigilantly working towards providing the best possible community and interactive gaming experience, we want our moderators to have best tools to do their job. This in turn allows for streamers to focus on what they do best. Below are the commands available to our moderators:

To gain access to these commands, all a moderator must do is left-click a username in chat. Alternatively you can type most of the commands into chat (double check the username before pressing enter)

Delete Messages

/clear or /purge {username}

While normally chat is friendly and engaging, sometimes one person’s excitement can irritate another and things are said in the heat of the moment. Utilizing this command, a moderator can remove a message from the conversation to hopefully prevent any drama.

If you would like to clear the entire chat history type /clear. If you would like to clear messages from a specific user, type /purge {username}


/timeout {username} [duration is in seconds or minutes, so include “s” or “m” 57s = 57 seconds]

When a cordial whisper and/or deleting a message doesn’t do the trick, it can sometimes be necessary to prevent a troublesome chatter from stirring the pot. This command is one of the best tools for a moderator, because it allows them to focus on addressing any issues while at the same time giving any offending parties the opportunity to cool off.

After all, a cooler head always prevails.

If you'd like to clear a timeout then please use a special parameter clear on the end of the timeout command.

/timeout {username} clear 


/ban {username} or /unban {username} 

While we hate to see things to come to it, sometimes a relationship isn’t meant to be. This can be said of streamer and viewer. For whatever reason, a viewer may not agree with the other viewers or even the streamer. However, when all other options have been exhausted it may be necessary to remove a troublesome viewer from the channel entirely.

If you banned someone by accident a simple /unban {username} will undo the mistake.



Have an awesome steam code or neat swag you want to give to chat members? Using this command will start a giveaway and pick one chat member at random as the winner of whatever it is you wish to give them.

Set Game

/setgame {Game Name}


/setgame {Game ID}

Have you started your stream playing one game, then later changed to a different game? This command will allow you to change the listed game you are playing without having to go all the way to your channel settings. Whenever you run this command, your listed game will be updated in real time.

Note: This command tries its best to find a game matching your text but sometimes can find false positives. If you know the ID of the game you can use /setgame <ID> to set it to the ID instead.

Set Title

/settitle {Title}

This command will let you change your stream’s title on the fly, all without having to go to your channel’s management page.

Set Audience

/setaudience {family/teen/18+}

Setting the proper audience is part of our Rules of User Conduct, and we’ve made it easy for you to change it whenever necessary. As listed above, this command accepts one of three options. For example, if you’d like to set your stream’s rating to Teen-Rated, you would run the command /setaudience teen.


/host {user}

This command will allow you to host another channel while offline. Both the channel owner and channel editors can use this command. 

Channel Progression

For more information on Channel Progression checkout our Channel Progression guide. These can only be ran by the channel owner.

/givehearts {username} {amount} 

This command will allow you to grant hearts to a user within your channel. Granting hearts allows you to artificially inflate the Channel Progression Rank of a user within your channel.

/removehearts {username} {amount}

This command will allow you to remove hearts from a user within your channel. Removing hearts allows you to artificially reduce the Channel Progression Rank of a user within your channel.


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