Introduction to Interactive Games

Mixer provides a unique way for your viewers to interact and participate in your game play. When you stream on Mixer, you'll have the option to "Go Interactive" and select from one of our supported games in the Mixer Interactive Store. 

What Games are supported?

Mixer supports a variety of different games. We allow publishers and third party modders to freely create interactive integrations for streamers to use! You can view a full list of currently available integrations from the interactive store.

Getting Started

On your channel page click 3 dot button "More" to the lower right of the video player and click "LAUNCH MIXPLAY"


This will bring up our MixPlay Store.

Choose a game and follow its installation instructions to get yourself up and running. Each game is likely to have a different setup procedure, so it's super important to read the instructions that come with the game. If you need help after that, do let us know at

Once you're in the game and connected to Mixer, viewers will see various types of controls on the screen that allow them to participate in your game play. Their actions are sent down to your game and affect the action instantly!


Mixer supports a variety of controls for the viewers to use. These controls react and change in response to the game play or to let you know what other users are doing. When you enter a new mode or area in the game entirely new controls can be displayed to give your viewers an evolving and engaging experience.


Click or use your keyboard to activate these to affect the game, vote on modifiers or events or even control the game directly. Progress bars underneath let everyone know who is clicking on what. The halo effect let's you know an action has been triggered.


Click and drag joysticks with your mouse to move in-game objects or characters around. An indicator around the edge moves and points in response to what the rest of the viewers are doing. 


We're super excited about our Interactive platform and will be collaborating with Developers and Games Companies over the coming months to get Mixer supported in all of your favorite games. 

Want to make a Game Interactive?

Do you have an awesome idea for making a game interactive? Or want to talk to someone about the platform? Drop us a line at

Are you a Game Developer?

Visit our Developer Documentation for tutorials and reference material to help you get started. Or, hang out in our Gitter to talk to other developers. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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