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We're super pleased to offer integration with Discord, a fellow start up company with a beautiful communication app. Many streamers use Discord to keep in touch with their communities, or to collaborate with other streamers. Now users and streamers alike can link their Discord to Mixer and get more out of both!

Here's how to get started:

Step 1. Open your Account page on


You'll want to make sure you're logged in to the correct Discord account, we recommend logging in on their page to verify. This will give you a pop up that lets you choose whether you'll connecting your Discord server, or just connecting your account. Choosing Link and Add Bot will put MixerBot in your Discord server automatically! 


If you're not going to set up a Discord server link, you're good to go! If you're going full server integration, please read on for more details.

Step 2. Choose your settings on Mixer

Now let's look at all the cool things that your Discord integration can do, starting with the settings menu, accessed by the pretty little cog that should now show next to your Change Discord Account button.


  1. Invite Permissions
    • This is where you can choose who'll be able to join your server from the link on your page. You can choose to open it to all, to only Followers and above, only Subscribers, or no one.
    • The link to your server will be available to those who qualify, as an icon next to your social media link icons on your profile.
    • Our integration will not interfere with existing permissions systems within your Discord server.
  2. Join Channel
    • Where would you like newcomers to go, when they join your server? Many people make a Welcome chat channel, with helpful information about how you like to keep your Discord channel, much like the streamer rules below your stream.
  3. Announce Channel
    • Your new MixerBot would love to tell your Discord family when you're live! It needs to know which channel to post these announcements.
  4. Follower Role
    • If you'd like to invite your followers to Discord, and have them auto-assigned with a rank, choose which role best applies to them here.
    • The dropdown will offer Roles that already exist on your Discord.
    • MixerBot will need the perms to assign roles, make sure you check these on your server!
    • Important: only Mixer users who have linked their accounts will be auto-assigned!
  5. Sub Role
    • Now you get to choose what your subscribers are called on your Discord.
    • The dropdown will offer Roles that already exist on your Discord.
    • The Bot will automatically assign both existing and new users their appropriate role, in 15 minute batches.
    • MixerBot will need the perms to assign roles, make sure you check these on your server!
    • Important: only Mixer users who have linked their accounts will be auto-assigned!
  6. Sub Grace Period
    • HypeBot will keep an eye on the sub role you've given it to mind, if any of your subs drop, you can choose how long they stay in that role on Discord before the bot automatically removes their role.
    • This will not affect any of the other manually assigned roles you've got assigned to the user; we recommend having your moderators in Discord to mind those.
  7. Emote Syncing
    • This is where you get to choose who can use your emotes in Discord! These will be available across all Discord servers, and will use the same name you have in your partner dashboard, but with an added colon at the end. The auto complete should be help you with this.

Step 3. Choose your settings on Discord discord-members.png

This is the quickest step, unless you fall down the rabbit hole of permission levels! Head to your Discord server, open up the server settings. You'll want to search for Mixer, it should be listed automatically with a Bot tag. This beautiful little android will be doing all the heavy lifting for you. Make sure it has the permissions it needs to be in the channels you've given it to mind, and to assign roles to users.

Step 4. Advise your viewers to link their Discord to Mixer

Your hard work is ready to be tested! Now go forth and ask your Discord and Mixer Family to link their accounts! You can link them to this article if they need assistance. 


Discord FAQ:

  • I click link account but nothing happens!
    • Double check to make sure your browser isn’t blocking the Discord oath popup window.
  • Roles not assigning roles?
    • Ensure the “Mixer” role in Discord is above the follower role you want the bot to assign.
    • All users must have their Mixer account linked to Discord in order for the bot to assign roles.
  • Invite link not working?
    • Make sure the @everyone role in Discord has perms to create instant invites on the channel you want the users to join (the “join channel” you selected on Mixers account page).
  • MixerBot left my Discord!
    • Please double check to make sure the bot isn’t just offline by attempting to @Mixer in your Discord server. If it’s there, it will show up and means the bot is currently offline, however it can still work. 


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