Pro and Partner Payment Issues

How do you process payments?

  • Both our pro and our partner subscriptions use two payment processing services: Braintree for Paypal and Stripe for credit cards. You can toggle auto renew for these payments on your dashboard.


I clicked the button, but nothing happened.

  • Our site works best with adblock and popupblocker both disabled. The partner subscription page is on a popup so you don't have to miss a moment of your favorite streamer while you're subscribing to them. We'd hate for you to miss their cool sub alert!


The page says a card is required, even for Paypal?

  • Yes. We offer both card and Paypal purchases, but Paypal now requires some sort of card for backup payment. Paypal's ToS says that you agree that if you have a Paypal balance, it will default to that, instead of the card. If it is not doing this, you will need to check your preferred payment settings on Paypal.


How do I change my payment type?

  • Currently the only way to change how you pay for a subscription is by heading to your billing page, canceling the auto renew, and to re-sub with the new payment method once the subscription expires.


If your question about payments is not answered, please submit a ticket with as many details as you can give us, and we'll be glad to help you.

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