How do I become a partner? (Partnership Requirements)

[Current as of 8/15/2017]

Mixer is looking for super talented streamers to represent the community as Partners! Do you bring something unique to Mixer? Do you stream regularly, and have a channel built on positive energy? Do you find yourself helping new users get started in Mixer? We’d like to talk to you about partnership!

Partnership Application Process

Application is as simple as opening your Mixer dashboard and telling us how awesome your channel is. If your channel meets our minimum requirements, it’ll be reviewed by the team! The time this takes varies, but you should hear from the team within a few weeks.

What we offer Partners

  • A portion of the subscription revenue, and synthesized ad revenue
  • More transcoding options
  • Sub icons & custom global emotes
  • Priority feedback & support
  • Testing of new features when possible
  • Partner specific forum board and chat room
  • Mixer Pro subscription
  • Monthly codes to give away for Pro and Sub
  • Hoodies and other swag
  • Promotional opportunities, with Xbox and friends of Xbox
  • A Partner Manager as a personal point of contact for Mixer
  • So much more!

Minimum requirements to apply for review

Minimum requirements to apply for review for established brands (off of Mixer)

  • 15,000+ followers & 75+ concurrent viewers in chat, on a streaming platform
  • 50,000+ followers & 7,000+ average views per video, on a video platform
  • Content that follows Terms of Service & User Rules of Conduct

Qualities that lead to Interview

  • Meet the minimum requirements
  • Professionalism
  • Consistency
  • Strong community interaction
  • Signs of and plans for growth
  • Clear and unique channel branding
  • Positive attitude and strong understanding, representation of the Mixer community

Things you can do to prepare for partnership

  • Enabling VoD really helps the review team
  • Talk to your audience even if the chat is quiet
  • If you use a webcam, make sure you've got good lighting
  • If you don't use a webcam, make sure you're being very engaging with your viewers
  • Wait until you've had at least 2 months of the minimum numbers before applying
  • Link your socials, and add helpful information about your stream in the description
  • Support other streamers in their streams
  • When you apply, tell us what makes your channel and community awesome! We want to get to know our partners, and we read absolutely every application letter.

To apply, simply go to the partnership tab in your dashboard. Tell us why you'd be an excellent partner, and we'll review your channel. Wondering if you are ready to apply for partnership? Here's a great place to start.

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