How do I become a partner? (Partnership Requirements)

The Mixer Partnership Series

  1. Am I ready to be a Mixer Partner?
  2. Partnership Requirements
  3. Mixer Partnership Quality Review
  4. What happens in the Partnership Review Process?
  5. What does Mixer expect from me as a Partner?

There are two stages to partnership application review: the metrics and the quality. Our application page will allow you to check if your channel qualifies with a simple click of a button. If you don't qualify, it will show you specifically why. If you do qualify, a form will appear, which will allow you to submit information for the screening process. Learn more about the next steps by clicking through the partnership series linked above.


The metrics partnership applications must meet all of the following metrics to be considered for review. Please note that we may not be able to work with anyone under the age of majority for their area of residence.

Account Age: 2+ months

Followers: 2,000+

Streams per month: 12 or more days

Hours Streamed per month: 25 or more hours

Following Terms of Service and Rules of User Conduct

The Quality

Every application is read by our team of onboarding agents, and each partner candidate is reviewed personally within the context of their brand. We consider a lot of factors, but primarily focus on Professionalism, Uniqueness, and Community Building. We still review average concurrent viewers in chat, but we use the averages of similar content on our site to understand the growth and potential of that channel. To pass this part of the review remember: always strive to improve your channel, and keep a community-first attitude.



Why don't you have concurrents in the minimum requirements?
We recognize that the previous method of reviewing channels did not overtly take into consideration the vast differences between content types. In an effort to better represent the community, we changed to using metrics that measure the partner's investment in Mixer, which allows us to give a more fair quality review based on the content of that partnered channel.

I already have an established brand on another platform, and I'm committing to Mixer. Who do I talk to?
We're excited that you've chosen Mixer as your new home! If you would like to be considered outside of our normal application process, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • 100k + views in the last 30 days on YouTube
  • 300+ average concurrent viewers on Twitch

There may also be special consideration if you have partner status on Twitch or represent a celebrity or industry-related organization.

If the above apply to you, please reach out to us by submitting a Mixer Partnership Inquiry and tell us about your channel. 

I have particular accessibility needs, how can I become partner?
Every review is carefully considered in the context of that channel, so that we can be reasonable and inclusive. We will do our best to accommodate accessibility needs.

What do you mean by "professionalism," "uniqueness," and "community building"?
These are qualities that help us gauge each applicant's potential as a partner. Below is a set of examples, and is in no way exclusive or exhaustive, but it should help you understand what we're looking for. Please check out the rest of the partnerships series at the top of this article to learn more!

To apply, simply go to the partnership tab in your dashboard. Tell us why you'd be an excellent partner, and we'll review your channel. Wondering if you are ready to apply for partnership? Here's a great place to start.

Note that meeting the minimum requirements to apply for partnership does not guarantee partnership. All channels applying for partnership are expected to have a very high level of quality to their content and are subject to further review by the Mixer Partnerships team. 
Mixer Partnerships reserves the right to decline partnership to any brand or channel that does not fit the Mixer or Microsoft brand with or without further explanation.
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