What does Mixer expect from me as a Partner?

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  5. What does Mixer expect from me as a Partner?

Mixer partnership is a little bit more involved than it may be with other sites. We're pretty choosy with who we partner because we work so closely with our partners. Our partners are often our best representation of Mixer in the community. While we will not babysit you, we do appreciate partners who take the representation seriously.

Following the ToS & Rules

Most of the community will look up to and imitate the partnered streamers on any site. We will always do our best to keep our ToS clear, up to date, and reasonable. 

We also expect our partners to be good examples in the community, and follow the User Rules of Conduct. We understand that some trolls may try to cause trouble for you by reporting every little thing they can find or make up. When this happens, we'll quietly do our own investigation. If it is a genuine concern we'll come to you, otherwise we'll just take note of what's going on. This is part of the trust that we need to have with you, that you will do your best to follow the guidelines. If you have any questions about whether something is allowed, don't hesitate to contact your Partner Manager, they'll be happy to find out for you.

Violations of ToS, Rules, or this guide will result in an investigation, and depending on the severity or repetition, may result in suspension or dismissal from the Partnership program. 


Consistent schedule

We understand that life can throw curveballs. And we most certainly support self care. But we'd like to know that our partnered streamers aren't going to disappear for long periods of time. Just do your best to be consistent, both for the growth of your channel, and for the example you set for other streamers.

All partners will be expected to meet the minimums of their individual contract. If your contract does not specify minimums, you'll need to at least meet the minimum requirements for partnership. If you can't, please contact us right away so we can review your needs with you.


Positive attitude

It's very important to us that our partners do their best to keep a positive attitude. By this, we mean please do not bash other services, streamers, or viewers in your stream. If you have a problem with anything or anyone, please come to us immediately, so we can help. Also, while honest review is certainly allowed, please try to keep your stream conversations away from picking apart other services. We are not enemies with our competitors, and we appreciate any efforts you give to help make this clear to the community.



As a partner, you've got priority in communication with Mixer. We hope that you make use of this! We love hearing from our partners, even if you think it's a small thing. We track the issues that come up, and if we see a trend, like a common bug, we can move more quickly on these things. Your communication can literally affect the experience of all users on the site, make things better for everyone!

You can either message your partner manager directly or use The latter is really helpful, because it lets us more easily see trends, and keep track of everything that's going on.

Also, make sure that you're getting the partner update emails from us. They should help keep you up to date on what's going on behind the scenes.

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