Viewers having trouble subscribing

If you have viewers that experience difficulties subscribing to you, there are a few things that you can suggest to help troubleshoot, either to fix, or to provide more information for us when we help them. Here are a few suggested questions to ask:


Do you have a popup blocker enabled?

Popup blockers can be helpful for navigating the internet, but they will not allow a user subscribe to you. We've chosen to use a popup for subscription so that the users don't miss any subscriber notices you have in stream.


Have you tried another browser?

Sometimes a user may have either settings or addons in their browser that can, for whatever reason, interfere with our site. The quickest way to test this is to try using another browser.


What if you try the hard link?

Offer them this link, but substitute your channel name: and see if that makes any difference. 


Do you have a card connected to your Paypal?

Paypal now requires that a bank card be connected to the account. The user will need to check on Paypal's site to be sure that is properly set up there.



If these do not immediately fix the problem for your viewer, have them contact us. We will likely ask for some of the following information; if they submit it with their ticket, it can speed up the troubleshooting!

  • Which browsers have you tried?
  • Do you see the popup load?
  • If using Paypal, does the Paypal page load?
  • Hit f12 while using the browser, are there any errors in console (provide a screenshot, please)?
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