How do Partner payments subscriptions work?

Currently on Mixer, we split the income of the subscriptions, at 50% with our partners. We do not have an advertisement service in place yet; this article will be updated when we do.

Where is my sub button?

When your subscription button goes live, it will be in the top bar of the page, next to your name and follow button. You will not be able to see it while logged into your own account because you can't subscribe to yourself.

We also offer a hard link that you can use, for example by having your bot or moderators post in chat. Just substitute your channel name into, and it should open the payment popup.


How do subscriptions work?
When a viewer clicks your subscribe button or the link, they will see a popup to allow them to choose either paypal or card. They will be charged right away, and will be able to listen to your stream while they do so. They should be able to immediately use your emotes and see a sub icon next to their name. They will also have the option to auto-renew, which they can toggle on their Billing tab.



When do I get paid?

Mixer pays its partners with Paypal, within 45 days of the close of the given month. This means that, for all subscriptions made in the month of March, you will be paid within 45 days of the end of March. Ideally it is sooner, but the buffer time is in place because of the nature of online payments (transfers between paypal and banks, chargebacks, etc). To learn more about how to calculate the payment, check out this article.



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