Buffering can be caused by dozens of different things and unfortunately it’s often times very difficult to pinpoint the root cause. Since the internet consists of a series of providers all passing traffic between each other, it’s possible for any one of these intermediary providers (including our servers, and your ISP) to become saturated with traffic. It’s also possible for buffering to be caused by local problems, like browser plugins, firewalls, routing equipment, and proxies.

For more information, read our overview of how video delivery works on the internet.


  1. Refresh your page with CTRL + F5
  2. Test a different browser
  3. Double check your plugins/extensions, sometimes these interfere
  4. Try a private or incognito browser to see if this improves performance


  1. Check dropped frames/CPU usage
  2. Try lower settings and bitrate (keyframe interval should be set to 1)
  3. Try a different ingest, make sure to restart stream.
  4. Try modem refresh, or talk to your ISP for further assistance. 
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