Get your channel noticed

Everything you do with your channel name--in stream, in other stream chats, on social media, on the forums--everything affects how people see your channel and it will affect how they respond to you. Treat your channel like a brand of entertainment, like a professional job, and it will grow like one.

If you really want to stand out among other streamers, be professional when you communicate. When streamers are helpful, understanding, patient, and good at coaching their audiences to be the same, people remember! Another way to get noticed, is to reach out to other streamers and figures in the community to play, chat and stream together. At the very least, even if a gameplay session doesn’t come of you asking, you may have laid the groundwork for a networking relationship.

Speaking networking, consider attending local conventions and meetups. Get yourself some simple business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet. You never know what can come from the connections you make over a handshake and card swap.

The Mixer channels that show up on the "Featured" and "Up and Coming" tabs are automatically selected based on the number of viewers, followers, and total views on Mixer.


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