A lot of streamers get started streaming using their favorite gaming headset. While these headsets can get the job done to chat with friends (or foes for that matter), they may not be ideal in a stream setting. When it comes time to taking the next step in your audio quality, you will want to consider your needs and environment. For example, a folding table workstation in the corner of your living room will may not be best suited for a microphone that was designed for use in a soundproof room. Unless you are planning to broadcast the playing of musical instruments, 9 times out of 10 you are looking for a dynamic microphone. We will spare you the technical jargon, but just know that a dynamic microphone is specifically designed for use with vocals and any money spent here will be worth it towards improving the quality of your streams.

  • Keep in mind that when you're recording other people's voices, it is your responsibility to get their consent. This is true whether you're recording anyone in the same room as you, your friends playing with you, or players participating in the game's audio chat.


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