How do I use Monthly Gift Codes?

We know your viewers are very important to you--they're important to us too! We'd like to help you recognize and support those that support you. Every 30 days you will find a newly generated set of gift codes on your Billing tab under Gifts, 1 for a free month of Pro and 1 for a free month of subscription to your channel. These will expire if not used, and will renew every 30 days. Please feel free to use these however seems best to you! 

How do my viewers redeem these?
To redeem the Pro code, your viewer will need to go to and click the "redeem code" button.

To redeem the Sub code, your viewer will need to click your sub button and enter the code in the field at the bottom of the popup. Incidentally, if the viewer is already subscribed to you, they will not be able to click the sub button until that sub runs out.

If they have trouble redeeming, ask them to make sure there are no spaces in the code when they paste it!

What if the person already has Pro/Sub?
These gift codes will stack on top of what they have. The free month will not be used if they are on an auto-renew plan, but it will carry over every month until that is turned off. In order to use the gift code, you must currently not be a subscriber to the channel. 

Will the Sub code count toward my emotes or my paycheck?
The sub you get from giving out our free code will count toward your emotes unlocking! The subscriber will get full benefits in your chat, including access to your emotes and your Discord server if you have one. It will not, however, add anything to your paycheck. 

Can I just save these codes and stack them up?
No, the codes themselves will expire every month if they are not used.

How can I tell if the code has been redeemed?
The line on the Gifts page will update with "Redeemed by User," just like any other gift codes you may purchase.

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