Best Practices for Raiding

A great way to build on the sense of community is by raiding other streams as you are ending yours. Not only does it keep your viewers together but also introduces them to someone you personally think they might enjoy. However, there are some unspoken ground rules when it comes to raiding:

  1. Know the streamer - If you cannot vouch for their content, your viewer might feel dumped off and left to fend for themselves. In fact, before you start the raid maybe explain to your viewers how you know of the streamer and why you like them.
  2. Consider getting permission - Some streamers will include something in their channel description about allowing raids. However, never assume all streamers welcome raids of their channel. For some, it can cause anxiety by making them feel overwhelmed or nervous from the extra attention. Take a moment to ask the streamer if they would be comfortable with your viewers joining in on the fun. If a stream has {DNR} in the title, they do not want to be raided, please respect this.
  3. Chat it up - After arriving in the destination stream from your raid, get to chatting with the viewers there. Chances you may even recognize some of them. Let the streamer know what you were streaming and thank them for letting you raid. Be sure to gracefully sign off before you leave and say goodbye to your viewers.

If you keep in mind our Rules of User Conduct as you raid, and you remind your viewers to do the same, raiding can be a fun way to build the community up.

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