Chat Settings

Chat settings allow you to customize both how chat works on your own channel and how chat works across all of Mixer. To adjust your chat settings, visit a channel and click the vertical 3 dot menu to the right of the chat input box. 


Chat settings are broken up into two parts: 

  • Channel Preferences: These are only visible when viewing chat settings while on your own Mixer channel and control how chat behaves for everyone in your channel. 
  • Personal Preferences: These are settings that apply only to you and act across all Mixer channels. 

Channel Preference Settings:


  • Slowchat: The amount of time a user has to wait before sending another message. These are in seconds, so 1.00 would be a 1 second wait time. 
  • Catbot Level: Catbot is our auto moderation bot that will remove potentially offending messages from chat. You can find more information about what each level means here
  • Allow links: If disabled, messages with links in them will be removed from public viewing. 
  • Make links clickable: If disabled, links will show in chat, however they will not be clickable. This is a good precaution to enable if you want to allow links, but want to verify what the link is before visiting it. 
  • Move Chat to Host: When enabled, if you host someone on your channel, the chat tab will automatically switch to the hostee's chat. 

Personal Preferences: 


  • Chroma Key Chat: This option turns the background of your chat black, which you can then use to easily chroma key for featuring your chat in your stream overlay. 
  • Desktop Notifications: When enabled, this will send your Mixer notifications to your desktop notification window. 
  • Allow Chat Whispers: This allows other users to whisper you via chat for private conversations. 
  • Enable Lurk Mode: Want to hide yourself from the viewers list? Enable this and you'll be hidden until you write something in chat. 
  • Notification Sound: Customize the audio alert you get when someone tags you in chat. 
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