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Now that your account is created, it’s time to get ready for your first stream. Before you fire up your software and go live, take a moment to familiarize yourself with your channel settings. To get there, click your avatar icon in the top right, followed by the “Broadcast Dashboard” tab.

When you open this page, you'll have 4 tabs at the top, in this article we're going to be focusing on settings up your channel and customizing it to your liking. 


Today's Broadcast:

  1. Stream Title: Use this to summarize your stream beyond the content. For example, you could say that you are playing a game with viewers or mention what project you are crafting.
  2. Game: You can choose a game or miscellaneous section here. Our games are pulled from If you don’t see your game in the list, you can either choose “unlisted game”, or suggest that it be added at
  3. Channel Audience: This will give your viewers an idea of the type of content to expect during your live stream. Please make sure you're set to the appropriate rating as described in our rules
  4. Channel Language: This tells users what the primary language is on your stream. They can then find you more easily by filtering languages when browsing and searching for channels. 
    1. If you don't see the language you want in the list, you can request a new language be added at
  5. Share Text: This is the text that will auto populate when a viewer clicks the "share" button on your channel page.


  1. Being Hosted Message: This is the text that will appear in chat when a viewers hosts your channel.
  2. Hosting Someone Message: This is the message that will appear in your chat when you host another live stream.
  3. Subscriber Announcement Text: Partner function only. Announces in chat with someone subscribes to the channel. 
  4. Follow Announcement Text: Announces in chat when someone follows the channel.
  5. Keep recordings of my stream: While enabled, Mixer will record your stream for later playback or download via your channel. For more info on past streams, please see here
  6. Autoplay my most recent stream when I'm offline: If you have a recently save stream, this feature will auto play it while you're offline. 
  7. Automatically mute other streams while I'm streaming: This feature is helpful if you're browsing Mixer while live. It'll mute any stream you open while live. 
  8. Catbot Auto Chat Moderation: Looking for a way to help combat unwanted comments in your chat? Catbot has your back! To learn more about setting up and using Catbot, please see here


  • Lightstream Studio is a web-based streaming tool that makes it easy to personalize your Mixer streams. When enabled, your stream will pass through Lightstream on the way to your Mixer channel. Overlays, alert, and text that you create will be added automatically every time you go live. For more information on Lightstream, please see our Lightstream FAQ

    • Lightstream is only available for Pro users at this time. To learn more about Pro, please see here


  1. Channel Intro: This is the message that will be auto-populated into the social media posts when your viewers click the share button above the stream. If this is left blank, the intro will be pulled from the Channel Description. 
  2. Social Profiles: Want them fancy social circles on your channel page? This is the place to link them. Click the + icon and then the social account you wish to display on your channel. 
  3. Channel Description: This is a great place to let your viewers know more about yourself, including your content goals and stream schedule. Get some tips here.
  4. Avatar: The image people will know you by and be seen around the site. 
  5. Social Thumbnail: This is the image that will show when a user shares your link on social media. Image isn't updating on social media? Please see this
  6. Channel Background: Select from a variety of backgrounds that best display your channel. 
  7. Channel Offline Image: This will replace your auto play recent stream if disabled or one isn't available. Upload an image of your liking to take the place of the video player while offline. Note that you cannot revert to the default after uploading an image. 

Past Streams:

  • On this page you'll find everything you need to manage your past streams. Download, delete or rename them here. 


  • On this page you'll find everything you need to manage your clips. Download, delete or rename them here. Please note that clips are currently in beta and only available for partnered channels and HypeZones


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