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Now that your account is created, it’s time to get ready for your first stream. Before you fire up your software and go live, take a moment to familiarize yourself with your channel settings. To get there, click the dashboard icon in the top right, followed by the “channel” tab.

  1. Stream Title: Use this to summarize your stream beyond the content. For example, you could say that you are playing a game with viewers or mention what project you are crafting.
  2. Channel Description: When offline, this is a great place to let your viewers know more about yourself, including your content goals and stream schedule.
  3. Game: You can choose a game or miscellaneous section here. Our games are pulled from If you don’t see your game in the list, you can either choose “unlisted game”, or suggest that it be added at
  4. Channel Audience: While not crucial to set, if you’d like to mark your stream’s rating, this can help set your audience’s expectations, and the tone of your stream.
  5. Channel Intro: This is the message that will be auto-populated into the social media posts when your viewers click the share button above the stream.
  6. Follow Announcement: HypeBot is a native chat bot with basic functionality that includes announcing when you have new followers. This is off by default.
  7. Stream Key: The first time that you stream, you’ll want to click on Setup Stream from the "Overview" tab of your dashboard. You’ll choose an ingest server there, and which software you’ want to use. You’ll then see a place to download the software and get your streaming URL and key. The URL acts almost like a username, and the key would be the password. As with other passwords, be careful who you trust with it: anyone who has your Stream Key can stream to your channel! When selecting it to copy/paste, be aware of any spaces before or after, these can cause errors.
  8. Offline Thumbnail: Choose a thumbnail to display on your channel when you’re offline. This is a good place to use an image that people will recognize, it will help increase your channel recognition even when you’re offline!
  9. Channel Background: This is a fun way to add a visual context to your channel. Choose from a variety of standard images that best suits your needs.
  10. Download VoD: Once you have completed a broadcast, it will become available to you to download and cherish forever. Note: Only your most recent broadcast will appear here. If a broadcast is interrupted and resumed, only the last portion will be available.
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