Streaming With Tachyon

Please Note: Tachyon is a legacy version of OBS-FTL. We recommend using OBS-FTL as it has many improvements over Tachyon and gets frequent updates. If you contact support regarding issues with Tachyon, you will be asked to use OBS-FTL instead. 

There are two ways to stream with Mixer: RTMP or FTL.

  • RTMP protocol has a standard delay of up to 10-15 seconds that works with OBS and XSplit.
  • FTL is our very own sub-second streaming protocol that uses our custom version OBS Studio that we call OBS-FTL, or via XSplit.

How to use Tachyon

  • Tachyon is basically OBS Studio, but it's rockin' our custom protocol under the hood.
  • Download and install the latest version of either the Tachyon Installer  or the OBS FTL Beta Installer (both are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX).
  • Head to File > Settings > Output
  • Select the Ingest Location that is closest to you. If you're unsure, check your manage channel tab and click "setup stream," then "use OBS" for the closest location.
  • Paste your stream key in the Stream Key field. You can find this on your manage channel tab or the stream setup wizard.
  • Set your Video Bitrate to a respected upload that you have through your internet provider. You can check this by visiting (For more info on recommended settings and upload speeds, see below).
  • Click Apply and then OK. Now you're setup! Just hit Start Streaming and you should be live on Mixer!

Recommended Streaming Settings for Tachyon

  • Resolution: 720p
  • Bitrate: 2500
  • FPS: 30

If you have troubles getting started, contact us or head to the forums for help from fellow streamer

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