What happens in the partnership review process?

Our partnership process is the same for every application, with a few phases. We know that silence makes the waiting hard to bear, so we do our best to keep our applicants informed along the way. Here is what is likely going on during the the process.

Phase 1: Application

All potential partners need to apply through the partnership tab on the dashboard. This explains what partnership is, and how to achieve it. The form sends important information to our ticket system, and helps us keep track of everything. The response time for this process varies based on the number of applications we get. It can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. Please be patient with us, we will answer every application as soon as we can!

If the channel meets the required minimums, the application gets put into the queue for review. If not, a decline will be sent. Because of the sheer volume of applications that we get, we can't detail all of the reasons for the decline; we strongly recommend checking this list, or chatting with partnered channels for ideas on how to improve.

Phase 2: Review

When a channel has potential for partnering, they enter a review phase, with an average of about 2 weeks. During this time, we watch and listen to how the channel and its community fit into Mixer. We keep an eye on the analytic stats, and the overall vibe of the community. We may pop into chat, but much of the time we're watching while not logged in, so that the streamer doesn't feel pressured.

For streamers that are not currently on Mixer, the review begins with looking at the public analytics for all social and online presences available, and at least one voice-to-voice call to determine whether the streamer would be both a good fit in the Mixer community and a dedicated representative of Mixer.

Any time there would be a possible bias, the application is passed off to other members of the team, and the biased reviewer is not involved in the final decision.

If the channel fits the expectations of a Mixer partner, we'll extend an invitation for an interview. If not, a more specific decline will be sent, with reasons and suggestions for improving.

*Note: Sometimes reviews take more or less time than average. There are many factors at play here, please know that we are very passionate about making sure every application is given a fair review!

Phase 3: Interview

After the review process, and before we make a decision, we like to have a voice-to-voice interview with the streamer. This gives the streamer a chance to ask any questions they may have, and for us to get to know the streamer a bit better. We discuss streaming in general, and the idea of partnership.

After the interview call, the interviewer will consult with the partnership team, and together they will make the decision about whether this streamer should become a partner at this time. The decision is sent via the email thread that the interviewer and streamer use to discuss the application.

Phase 4: Onboarding

This can take anywhere from 2-10 business days. Important information will be taken for paperwork purposes, and a contract will be sent for review. The streamer will need to carefully read and sign the contract, and completely fill out and sign the tax paperwork before the button can be assigned.

When all the legal information is taken care of, the new partner will get into call with their partner manager, who will help answer all the questions, including the important one of "when do you want your button?!" :D


All of this is subject to change as we grow, and may be altered to fit the situation. If at any point you have any questions about the process or your channel, you may always ask them at

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