What happens in the partnership review process?

The Mixer Partnership Series

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  2. Partnership Requirements
  3. Mixer Partnership Quality Review
  4. What happens in the Partnership Review Process?
  5. What does Mixer expect from me as a Partner?

You've built your channel, and you're ready to apply for Mixer partnership. Awesome! What now? Let's walk through the process so you know what's going on behind the scenes. Please keep in mind that everyone's experience may be slightly different due to either the current amount of applications, or the size of the brand.

Pro tip: the most applications come in during or shortly after conventions and during holidays. Applications submitted during these times are more likely to experience delay.

Phase 1: Application

Potential Mixer partners need to apply through the partnership tab on the dashboard. Once you qualify for review, you will be able to complete a form that sends identifying information to our system. This will be sent to our screening services to determine whether this candidate is a known upstanding member in the Mixer and Microsoft ecosystems. Identifying information is not used to decide partnership; any known recent behavior associated with the candidate will be. Learn more about privacy with Mixer.

This process can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the current volume. Priority will be given to larger brands or strongly unique content. The first response to confirm review will be automated, if you don't receive it, please check your spam folder.

Phase 2: Review

Regardless of whether a channel was built on Mixer or it's a brand transferring from another platform, all brands are submitted to a quality review after the initial screening. We will, at our discretion, either decline or approve based on the overall professional potential of each channel. To build your confidence in how you'll do in this stage, please check out Am I ready to be a Mixer Partner? If a channel is close enough, we will partner them and expect that they will continue to grow and improve.

This process can take a few days to a few weeks, depending both on the current traffic and the quality of the channel. If a channel already looks like a professional streamer, we can tell immediately, and we won't need to spend as much time getting to know them. If a channel is still growing and learning, we try to spend more time getting to know them. 

Phase 3: Decline or Accept

After the review process, we take the notes from the screening services, and from the quality review, and determine how ready this candidate is for Mixer partnership. If the team decides the candidate is not ready for partnership, a decline email will be sent. We will provide the primary reason for decline, however due to the sheer volume of applications we can't detail all of the ways to improve that channel. Partner-ready channels will show initiative by learning how to self-review and improve.

If the candidate is ready for partnership, we will send an acceptance email, and begin the onboarding process.

Phase 4: Onboarding

This process can take a few days to a week or two depending on the communication speed between you and your onboarding agent. You can expect to read and sign a contract and a tax form, and to set up your payment options. Your onboarding agent will be spending the time making sure that there are enough details in our system to help the partner account management team best serve you.

Once you've been fully onboarded, your partner account management team will schedule a time for your button to go live on your stream.

We recommend getting familiar with the Mixer Partner FAQ section to ease your first week of partnership.


All of this is subject to change as we grow, and may be altered to fit the situation. 


Note that meeting the minimum requirements to apply for partnership does not guarantee partnership. All channels applying for partnership are expected to have a very high level of quality to their content and are subject to further review by the Mixer Partnerships team. 
Mixer Partnerships reserves the right to decline partnership to any brand or channel that does not fit the Mixer or Microsoft brand with or without further explanation.
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