What if I have questions or problems as a Partner?

There are many ways to get your thoughts heard, and any number of staff members that you may be directed to. This can get very overwhelming, not just for staff, but for you, if you can't figure out where to best be heard.

We've simplified this process for you. All communication with Mixer staff needs to happen, whenever possible, through the Partner Support tab. This allows us to make sure your voice does not get lost in the crowd, and it helps us to track trends.

Of course you may use email, twitter, Mixer chat, or other ways to chat, but for any matter that you'd like a guaranteed answer to, please use this tab. We have a full support team that is ready and happy to help!

If you have concerns that you'd rather not discuss with general support staff, your partner manager is the best place to start, and will be able to direct you where you need to go. However, here are some key players that can also help:

Amelia Carter (Graphoniac), Director of Partnerships
technical support and partner relations | @graphoniac

Heather McKinnon (MrsLuclin), Community Manager
community support and events | @mrsluclin

James Boehm, Chief Operations Officer
partner payments and partner program in general | @suitjames 

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