Moderators For Your Channel

What is a Moderator?

A moderator is someone that the channel owner trusts to uphold the rules of their channel as well as the rules of the site. Moderators are very important in your success as a streamer. They are hand picked individuals that you have chosen to mod your chat. Of course, you can use chat bots to help moderate your channel but a bot won’t be the same as someone who is able to interact with your viewers.

What tools are available to Moderators?

Please see the article on Mixer Chat Commands.

How do I assign someone mod?

To assign someone mod, you'll need to be the channel owner. Type "/mod @username" in chat, where the @username is the user you want to add as a moderator. 

You can also click on their username and select "Mod" from the pop up box:


What type of things should you look for in a mod?

It’s important to choose moderators that you truly trust. Don’t go on a modding spree and mod every person that comes to your channel. This could hurt you and your community, because they are a reflection of you and your brand. You may even want to start out watching for frequent viewers in your chat that are helpful to others and are in your streams often.

How do you manage your moderators?

This is one of the hardest things you may encounter when it comes to mods. You need to find the perfect balance for both you & your mods. You don’t want your mods to be overly strict, but you also don’t want them to be too lenient. For this reason, the best thing to do is set a list of rules for your mods to enforce. Make sure you have these rules listed on your profile page, for your viewers to see. You may also want to set up a weekly/bi-weekly meeting with you and all your mods to go over issues, questions, or concerns. You will also want to have an email list or IM client that you use to keep in contact with all of them.  

What is a Moderator expected to do?

Besides taking care of unruly characters in a channel, moderators can also assist with helping to answer questions incase the streamer isn't able to. They will be the ones greeting new viewers into your chat and keeping the peace by removing offensive posts, spam, & unwanted trolls.

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