How do I use Partner Emotes?

Partner emotes are more than just fun to play with, they often inspire viewers to subscribe! Here are the most commonly asked questions about getting in on the emote game.

When do I get my emotes?

Emotes are unlocked with concurrent subscriber counts, meaning you'll need 30 subscribers all at once, not just ever, to unlock 8 emotes. Here are the totals (you'll unlock 2 new emotes with each level).

  • 0 subscribers (2 total)
  • 5 subscribers (4 total)
  • 15 subscribers (6 total)
  • 30 subscribers (8 total)
  • 60 subscribers (10 total)
  • 100 subscribers (12 total)
  • 150 subscribers (14 total)
  • 250 subscribers (16 total)
  • 500 subscribers (18 total)
  • 750 subscribers (20 total)
  • 1000 subscribers (22 total)


How do I design my emotes?

Mixer emoticons are 24x24. We know this is slightly smaller than other sites; we're working within our chat limitations to keep things looking nice. We strongly recommend you make the original file 24x24, because any scaling can make them look fuzzy. 8bit styling often looks best at this size.

How do I upload my emotes?

You can upload them directly to your dashboard! The partner application tab turns into a partner management tab, and you'll be able to upload your sub icon and emotes on that page. It will also tell you how many more subscribers you need to unlock the next set of emotes! Consider using your channel name or initials in the name of your emote: they are first come, first serve, and you want your subs to be able to easily remember them.


How do we use my emotes?
You and your subscribers can use your own emotes all over the site. They will not be available to followers unless they subscribe to you. To get your emote to show, you'll use a : in front of the name you chose, :SubHype. Note: they are caps specific! Many users find it helpful to keep it all lowercase.


Can I lose my emotes?

No. Once you unlock the emotes, they are yours forever! If you dip below the unlocking tier, you will not unlock more when you return to it, but you will not lose the ones you have, either.

What can I use for my emotes?

Because we do not currently have an approval system, we're asking that you please keep your emotes above board. Have a good read of the ToS for ideas on what is acceptable. If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

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