Managing Trolls


Trolls (people who make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post) are one of the biggest issues that you will face when streaming. Their main goal is to disrupt the flow of chat and get attention from the viewers and streamer.  



Here are some steps to take if you encounter a troll on your stream: 

  • Your reaction is the most important tool you have. Let your moderators handle the situation as discreetly as possible without openly saying so. Work with your regular viewers to not respond to the trolls, and keep your stream moving forward. We also strongly recommend not mentioning the trolls, or how you handle them in any public forum. This confirms to them that they got you, or they may see it as a challenge. 
  • You may choose to ban trollsYou can do this by clicking their name or typing “/ban Username" in your chat. This will prevent the user from chatting in, following, or hosting your channel indefinitely or until you manually unban them by typing “/unban Username”. 
  • You can also restrict chat access by channel rank. You can control your chat by requiring users to watch your stream for a bit before they can start talking. This can be useful to help 'silence' trolls who are making multiple accounts to harass you. This feature can be found under they Moderation section under the Broadcast Dashboard. mceclip0.png
  • Don't forget about 'Catbot.' Catbot can be configured based on channel rank and may help combat trolling behavior. For help setting up Catbot check out this article: What is "Catbot"?



In extreme situations, use the report abuse button.  

If the harassing user is creating multiple new accounts, threatening you, or posting excessive/offensive words or usernames, you will want to report them by clicking on the report abuse option on their profile or profile card. Always be sure to provide as much information as you can about the abuser or incident. Our staff will investigate and take the action that they deem appropriate, according to our policies and procedures. 

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