How to Manage Trolls

Unfortunately, trolls are one of the biggest issues that you will face when streaming. A troll is a user whose main goal is to disrupt the flow of chat and get attention from the viewers and streamer. Because of the nature of the internet, we will never be able to get rid of people intent on causing trouble, but we can work together to discourage the behavior. You are the front line against the trolls, and while we can't stop them entirely, we're always working to give you the tools you need from us, so you can safely enjoy your streams. Here are some of the things you will need to do, when managing trolls:


Your reaction is the most important tool you have. When someone comes into your channel with the intent to troll it’s usually because they are looking for attention. Let your moderators handle the situation as discreetly as possible: have them timeout, delete messages, or ban without saying anything in chat. Work with your regular viewers to not respond to the trolls, and keep your stream moving. We also strongly recommend not mentioning the trolls, or how you handle them in any public forum, even with a subtweet. This confirms to them that they got to you, or they may see it as a challenge. Remember, they're rabble-rousers, seeking attention. You can often starve them of that attention, and leave them too bored to continue.

Ban/Unban Option

You may choose to ban trolls, at your discretion. You can do this by clicking their name, or with a click & drag motion in the direction of the Ban button, or typing “/ban Username" in your chat. This will prevent the user from chatting in, following, or hosting your channel indefinitely or until you manually unban them by typing “/unban Username”.

Report Button

In extreme situations, where the harassing user is creating multiple new accounts, posting excessive/offensive words or usernames, you will want to report them by clicking on the report button on their profile or profile card. By reporting a user, you directly notify the support team that somebody is breaking the User Conduct rules of Mixer and our staff will investigate and take the action that they deem appropriate, according to our policies and procedures.

We investigate every report, but we will not share the actions we take on the matter. This is to make sure that every user on the site is guaranteed fair and just treatment. Just think about how you'd feel if trolls reported you for things you did not do, how would you want us to treat you? Objectively and reasonably, carefully weighing the evidence before we did anything, right? This is how we treat every case, and our decisions are appealable but not debatable.

  • Always be sure to provide as much information as you can about the abuser or incident.
  • Abusing the report button is a violation of our User Conduct rules, so please be careful in what you report. People who merely annoy you are not report worthy. People who are harassing users or making threats are. 



DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

  • A DDoS attack means that someone is setting up a lot of bots that flood your connection until it overloads and disrupts your connection.
  • All that is needed for this type of attack is an IP address.
  • We recommend keeping your Skype private. Skype can allow users to resolve your Skype handle and return an IP address. 
  • Your IP address is unique to you and can be used to attack you or your internet. Keeping it private and safe is very important.
  • If this happens to you, and you have proof of who initiated it, report that person. Then call and talk to your ISP about changing your IP.

Threats against safety or privacy

Per the Rules of User Conduct, we will not tolerate any threats to cause harm or expose the privacy of any user. Please take steps to ensure that your information online is secure before this happens, and if a troll threatens you, report them to us with as much information as you can provide, and consider speaking with your local authorities.

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