Be consistent

One of the best ways to grow your channel is by sticking to a schedule. Now, we know that all too often life gets in the way, so be realistic when presenting the days and times you think you can stream. Adhere to it long enough and eventually you'll find that viewers will show up before you do. This is affectionately known as “camping” and it’s a welcomed sight to most streamers.

Another benefit of a schedule is what it means to your fellow streamers and the Mixer community as a whole. Soon, raiding can become a regular occurrence if you welcome it. Other streamers will start to take notice as they're wrapping up their streams. A few minutes prior they'll go looking and find you, ready and willing to take on the additional eyes and chatter. Just remember how good it feels when you're able to hand off your viewers to someone you enjoy watching.

The third factor of consistency is the length of your streams. If one stream is 30 minutes and another is 2.5 hours, your viewers will not know what to expect. Additionally, chances are while your viewers may be active in your chat, they're also multitasking. If they know approximately how long your stream will run for, they can plan their time accordingly to watch and interact with you. 

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