Channel Description Setup

Your channel page is where your viewers and future fans go to learn more about you and your stream. This is especially true when offline. When you aren’t live, give people a way to know you. While there is no such thing as too much information here, the order and detail of it does become a factor. Most viewers will only give it a few seconds glance, so make those seconds count. This is especially true when your bio shows up in tweets.

Make sure your schedule, any chat rules, and important moderator-related items are right there at the top. Also, formatting is important. While having large colorful images is certainly a way to get eyes on your page, those eyes will not linger if the text is too small or too dark. Keep your font choices and colors consistent.

How do I update my channel description? 

In order to update your channel description, you must use a computer. There are two ways to update your channel description:

  1. Directly from your channel ( - Scroll down and click "EDIT" in the top right of the "About" section. 
  2. Via the "Customize" page of your Broadcast Dashboard

Note: You can also use supported HTML tags in the Editor to customize your Mixer channel description.

If you're looking to add the social icons to your channel page, please see here

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