Test Streams

Test streams allow you to broadcast your content in private. This means if you are working on an unannounced game, test streams can allow you to test your Mixer integration without worrying about your content leaking.

The feature is currently released to a limited audience. You can apply to use test streams with the following steps:

  1. Visit the Mixer Developer Lab
  2. Click the Test Streams tab
  3. Fill out the displayed form and click Send Request

Once the form is filled in it will be reviewed by Mixer staff who will notify you when the feature is enabled.

Once enabled, to use test streams:

  1. Open the settings pane by clicking your profile picture in the upper, right of the website.
  2. Go to Manage Channel in the Setting pane.
  3. In the Test Streams section, toggle Enable Test Mode.
  4. Once you have enabled test stream mode you will see a bar on the top whenever you broadcast.
  5. This bar will also contain a link you can share with others to view your stream.

Once you have enabled test streams for an account, it is enabled for every broadcast, across all devices. You don't need to enable test streams for each device you broadcast from. There is one, global setting applied to the account.

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