Streamer Clothing : "When is it too revealing?"

CAT Guardians receive a lot of questions regarding streamer's clothing and its effect on rating requirements. At Mixer we want our community to be themselves as much as possible. However, there are some limits to what streamers can wear on camera. Our rules on clothing allow for maximum expression while still keeping things safe for younger audience members that might wander in.

As always with our rules, they apply to everyone equally regardless of gender or body type.

There are a few areas to take into consideration when determining if a streamer’s outfit is “too revealing”. The statement “too revealing” is arbitrary and subjective on its own, so CAT Guardians use the following universal guides. We based these rules off the measurement zones used for creating clothing around the world which allows us to apply it to everyone equally regardless of body type or gender identity.


The visual aide provided is NOT the rule. It is only provided to help visualize the written rule slightly better. It is not anatomically correct or properly proportioned to scale for overlay on a real human body.

Anything not covered by color/patterns in the visual graphic is safe for all ratings. (No, really, arms, and face are fine)

Body Area Key:

  • Shoulders
  • Bust-line - On males and females this is the widest area below the shoulders and above the end of the rib cage. Where a bra or pasties would be worn.
  • Ribs - The bones that protect our insides
  • Waist - Between the end of the rib cage and the belly button. A few inches above the hips, often near the belly button.
  • Hips - the bones at the top of your legs where they join your body






G-rated attire

  • Any clothing that covers the entire visible body from a few inches above the bust-line
  • It cannot be strapless and should show little to no cleavage


Teen Rated Attire

  • Any clothing that reveals more than a hint of cleavage but still covers the entire visible body and all “naughty bits”.
  • Cannot be strapless


 18+  Required Attire

  • Clothing that does not cover the entire visible body from bust-line to mid thigh.
  • Clothing that shows the midriff such as crop tops.
  • Strapless tops only if the top can be clearly seen on camera. No one should have to “guess” if the streamer has their “naughty bits” covered.
  • The chest must be covered from the bust-line to the end of the ribcage. No  “under cleavage”
  • Swimwear that is considered acceptable at a family beach is acceptable when at a beach, pool or participating in a sporting event where it is appropriate to the situation.
    • Bikini tops worn in situations other than beaches, pools, and appropriate sporting events must be worn across the chest, regardless of gender identity.



 Never Allowed: These will get your account suspended or banned

  • Full or partial nudity
  • Open shirts/robes without clothing underneath - these have too high a risk of falling open and flashing the audience
  • Underwear/lingerie
  • Transparent clothing worn by itself without an undershirt (we should not be able to see your skin or count freckles through the clothes)
  • Wearing skin tight clothes and/or focusing the camera below the waist.
  • Towels wrapped around the body
  • Breastbone cannot be visible (the bone in the center of your chest that connects the ribs)

These rules do not apply to anything not visible on camera. If however you stand up or move, anything that shows on camera MUST follow these guidelines.





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