Streamer Clothing Requirements

There are some limits to what streamers can wear on camera. Our rules on clothing attempt to allow for expression while still keeping things safe for the wide variety of audience members that make use of our site.

These rules only apply to what is visible on camera.

If you stand up or shift around during a stream, anything that suddenly becomes visible on camera must also follow these guidelines. 

As always with our rules, they apply to everyone equally, regardless of gender identity or body type. 

Body Areas Defined

  • Shoulders
  • Breastbone - The area on the body between the breasts.
  • Bust-line - On male presenting and female presenting this is the widest area below the shoulders and above the end of the rib cage. Where a bra or pasties would be worn. 
  • Ribs - The bones that protect our insides
  • Waist - Between the end of the rib cage and the belly button. A few inches above the hips, often near the belly button.
  • Hips - the bones at the top of your legs where they join your body 

Never Allowed 

(These activities will get your account suspended or banned)

  • Nudity
  • Shirtless (regardless of male presenting or female presenting persons), outside of the appropriate settings
  • Open shirts/robes without clothing underneath 
  • Underwear/lingerie
  • Transparent clothing worn by itself without an undershirt 
  • Focusing the camera below the waist
  • Towels wrapped around the body
  • Breastbone cannot be visible  


Rating-Specific Clothing Guidelines

Family Friendly Stream

  • Clothing must cover entire visible body from a few inches above the bust-line
  • It cannot be strapless and should show little to no cleavage

Teen Stream

  • Clothing can reveal more than a hint of cleavage but still covers the entire visible body
  • Cannot be strapless

 18+  Stream

  • The chest must be covered from the bust-line to the end of the rib cage. No "under cleavage"
  • Clothing that shows the midriff such as crop tops are allowed
  • Strapless tops only if the top can be clearly seen on camera. No one should have to “guess” if the streamer is wearing clothing
  • Situational appropriate clothing is allowed
    • Swimwear that is considered acceptable at a family beach is acceptable when at a beach, pool or participating in a sporting event
    • When at a gym sports bras are allowed to be worn as clothing as long as the breastbone is covered


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