How to report an issue with Windows Gamebar

Sometimes you may encounter an issue while using the Windows 10 Gamebar and you may be requested to submit an issue using Windows 10 feedback feature. If asked to do so, please run through the below steps.

  1. Windows + F to bring up the Feedback app
    1. You will need to sign in with an MSA if you have not already
  2. Click on the feedback button on the left menu 
    • win10-1.png
  3. Click on “Add New Feedback”
  4. Click on “Problem”
  5. Add a bug summary and details into the appropriate fields.
  6. In the Select a Category and Subcategory section, enter in:
    • Category = Apps and Games
    • Subcategory = Game DVR and Broadcasting
    • win10-2.png
  7. In the Recreate the Problem section, select Start Capture
    • win10-3.png
  8. Go back to your game and recreate the issue
  9. Once you have recreated it, then go back to the Windows Feedback app and select “Stop Capture”
  10. Click the submit button to report the issue to Microsoft.


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