Troubleshooting Social Thumbnails

Social thumbnails are the image that is shown when someone shares a channel link on social media (Twitter/Facebook). This can be edited by going to Customize page of your Broadcast Dashboard.

My social image didn't update:

  • Twitter and Facebook cache the social image and it may not change right away. In fact it sometimes doesn't change for quite a while. However there are ways to speed up this process. To do this, perform the following:
    • Twitter:
      1. Open the Twitter Card Validator here.
      2. Paste the complete channel URL in the Card URL box and click "preview card".
      3. This will generate a preview of your share image and hopefully clear out the older image. If it doesn't work right away, please allow some time for the cache to clear on Twitter.
    • Facebook: 
      1. Open the Facebook Sharing Debugger here.
      2. Paste the complete channel URL in the URL field and click "debug".
      3. This will generate some information regarding the link, including your "link preview" which is what will show on Facebook. This should show your most recent social thumbnail image, however if it does not, click the "scrape again" button and see if it updates. If it still does not, give it some time to clear on Facebook's side and it will eventually update. 

If you still experience issues with your social thumbnail, please contact us for assistance. 

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