What is "harassment"?

At Mixer we strive to keep our community friendly and positive. That said, there will always be people who are negative and/or mean. Not EVERY mean comment is harassment. Most mean comments can be solved through channel bans. Sometimes however, the comments can become a form of harassment that violates our Rules of Conduct.

  • Channel moderation actions such as timeouts or channel bans are not harassment.
    • Mixer does not override channel moderator actions.
    • The only exception to this is if the moderator clearly states such actions are taken due to race, gender, nationality or other portions of our policy against discrimination.

We have many different types of streamers, some streamers are ok with innuendo, flirting and lewd comments, some streamers are not. If the streamer asks you not to make certain remarks, and you continue, that is harassment. If the streamer's rules say such comments are not welcome, it is harassment.

  • Did the user come back after a channel ban?
    • Making multiple accounts to evade channel bans is harassment. 

Sometimes users report streamers because they honestly believe the streamer broke a rule. If C.A.T states no rule was broken, and the user argues or continues submitting reports on the same streamer for the same non-violation, the user making the report is engaging in harassment. Arguing with C.A.T agents, or calling them names is also harassment. 

If you are not certain if something is harassment, report it and let C.A.T investigate. You can email the Guardians directly at . When C.A.T determines harassment has occurred, the user may have their account access restricted or revoked.

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