Hosting 2.0 FAQ

You may have heard about this new thing on Mixer being called "Hosting 2.0" and found yourself asking, "What's this hosting 2.0?" So we've put together this FAQ with some of the new additions offered in Hosting 2.0!

New Host Bar

A fresh new hosting bar! This one is equipped with a modern design, but more importantly viewer counts for both the host recipient and the host.  The new design spans across all platforms - PC, Xbox, and Mobile Web!


Chat Tabs

No more needless navigation when a host begins.  The host recipient's chat will be the default tab, but the user can freely switch back and forth using the tabs.


Maturity Rating Change

Sometimes a host recipient has a different maturity rating than the host.  Now, the host's maturity rating will temporarily change to the host recipient's as long as the host remains active!  Maturity overlays will appear on mature streams for those who haven't accepted 18+.

Hosted Viewer Tracking

On the Host Bar you will now be able to see how many viewers you are contributing to the host recipient's total amount.  This number will be reflected on the host bar as well as at the top of the channel where viewer counts are regularly displayed.


Channel One Updates

ChannelOne "Always Online"

ChannelOne is now more of a channel than a stream! The channel will always appear in the 'Streaming Now' list.  This will allow ChannelOne to host those whom they are featuring, but still remain online!

ChannelOne Thumbnail Changes in Browse

The ChannelOne thumbnail will now reflect the host recipient's name, game, and preview thumbnails.  Users will now be able to see what and who is being featured even before entering the channel!


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