Costream FAQ

What is costreaming?

  • Costreaming allows up to 4 streamers to broadcast their streams on one page in a "split-screen" like view, including a centralized chat experience. 

How to start/join a costream:

  1. To start a co-stream, you'll first want to invite up to 3 other broadcasters. To do this, visit your Mixer channel, click the 3 dot button next to your follower count and then "start a costream." 


  2. This will open your co-stream setup page. In this menu you'll invite other broadcasters and setup the desired layout of the page. Once you've put the usernames in of the others and selected your layout, click "send invite."


  3. After you send the invite, the user(s) you invited should get a new notification in the bell notifications menu as seen below. The invited user(s) will need to click the green check mark to accept the invite, or the red X to deny. If accepted, you'll see your channel page adjust to the desired layout.


  4. That's it, time to go live and start the show!

How to leave a co-stream:

  • So you had your fun and you're ready to go your separate ways, it's time to end the co-stream. To do this, hover your mouse over your icon in the top left of the channel page > click the 3 dot menu > "leave costream."


How does chat work?

  • When a costream is started, the chats of the separate channels are merged into one chat on the costream page.
  • /giveaway will pull from everyone in the combined chat.
  • Polls will run in all channels who were there at the start of the poll until it's terminated. 
  • The combined chat logs are saved in the past stream replay. 

How does moderating chat work?

  • When a costream is formed, the channel owners and moderators of each channel are granted mod in the combined costream chat. The moderators have the same abilities as any other channel.
  • If a user is banned or timed-out during a co-stream, they will be banned/timed-out for the remainder of the costream. Once the costream is over, the user will only be banned/timed-out from the channel that the moderator was from.
    • For example: User1 and User2 are co-streaming. A Mod from User1's channel bans UserX from during the co-stream. After the co-stream, UserX will only be banned from User1's channel as it was their Mod that issued the ban. UserX will NOT be banned from User2's channel after the co-stream.
  • Deleted messages and purging will affect all chats in the costream. The /clear command remains local to the channel.

How do sparks and embers work in costreams?

The channel you are on will determine who’s channel receives the sparks. You can see which channel you are on by looking at the URL. When using the Skills board, you can see who you’re donating to at the top of the board!

 costreamsparktrog.png  costreamsparkodin.png

You can also give sparks by using the different co-stream’s MixPlay boards! You can switch between the MixPlay boards by using the icons in the bottom left-hand corner of the channel window.


If you run into any issues with costreaming, please contact us with the details and we'll work to resolve the issue. 

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