Streaming with the Mixer Create Mobile App

Mixer Create is our iOS and Android streaming app that enables gamers to broadcast themselves and stream their mobile gameplay with sub-second latency. Available on Android and iOS, Mixer Create provides gamers with multiple broadcasting modes, robust chat functionality and cross-platform co-streaming with PC and Xbox One. 

In order to access the app, you will need to have your Mixer account linked to your Microsoft account, you can find how to do this here. Once you have your account linked, you may login and prep for your mobile broadcast!


  • Once logged in you'll find yourself at the home page of the app. From here you can
    1. Tap the camera icon to update your account avatar
    2. Tap your Mixer URL to share the stream
    3. Set your stream title
    4. Set your category ("IRL" is good)
    5. Adjust your channel audience (remember to keep it within our rules)
    6. Select if you want us to save the stream (VODs)
    7. Select if you want to use your Lightstream overlays. 
    8. Start a co-stream
  • In the top left you have a button to open a whole range of settings. We would advise you go in there and toggle those settings that you want prior to streaming.
    • One key setting to note is the "Video Optimization" setting. This option will allow you to set the quality and data usage of your stream. If you're on a stable WiFi connection, you might be able to push 720p or even 1080p, however if you're on a not so great mobile data connection, you might consider lowing the resolution. If you're unsure what to pick, you can always use the Automatically Optimized Bitrate option and the app will do the work for you!

mixer-create-oct2018-2.jpg mixer-create-oct2018-3.jpg

  • Once you have your settings how you want them, head back to the main screen and press the pink satellite button to prep for the stream.


  • After tapping the pink satellite button you'll find yourself at the broadcast preview screen. In the lower bar you'll find options to 
    • Tap your avatar to hide the bar
    • Switch between the front and rear camera
    • Toggle screen streaming, which allows you to broadcast what you see on your phone (great for streaming mobile games!)
    • Mute and unmute your microphone
    • View a dedicated chat screen, as well as your viewers. You can also moderate chat from this screen by tapping on users and then tapping timeout or ban.
  • In the top right, you have an option to control your co-stream if you desire. 
  • When you're ready to go live, tap the big pink satellite icon in the middle of the screen and say hello world. 
    • When you're done with the stream, simple tap "stop" to end the stream. 


Where do I download the app?

Broadcasting your screen on iOS

  • For iOS versions pre iOS 11: Only iOS apps enabled for ReplayKit – an iOS platform API that enables broadcasting – can be streamed.
  • For iOS 11 and above: Control Center must be enabled. 
    1. Swipe up to access Control Center.
    2. Hold the screen recording button.
    3. Ensure Create is selected.
    4. Ensure microphone audio is set to on. (You will need it to stream and game audio to Mixer via iOS).
    5. Tap start recording to begin streaming. 

If you run into any issues, please drop us a ticket at If you have feedback regarding the app, please use the built in feedback form.

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