What is 2FA (two factor authentication) and How do I set it up?

2-Factor Authentication and You: A Secure Account Is A Happy Account

2-factor authentication is an important security tool in keeping accounts safer than simply
using a password. As the name suggests, it adds a second step to logging into any account, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to break in, steal personal information, and do all sorts of unsavory things.
How does it work? Once your account is set up, any attempt to log into your account will
require a special authorization code, provided by an app, which is used to finish the login
Why use 2-Factor Authentication? Account security is important for everyone, and nobody
wants their accounts or information being used without their permission. 2-Factor
Authentication adds an extra layer of security, making it considerably more difficult to breach an account. Since the 2-Factor code is dependent on the app itself, obtaining it is
considerably more difficult for potential breach attempts that would normally rely on using a password only.


Setup is simple:
  • Click on your profile avatar, at the top-right of the screen
  • Click on “Account”
  • In the box labeled “Two-Factor Authentication”, click “Enable”
  • Using an app like Microsoft Authenticator, scan the QR code
  • The app will generate a code; enter this code to finish the setup process
That's it! Any time you log in, it will require both the account password, and the generated
code from your app.


At the time of enabling two-factor authentication you'll be promoted to download some "recover codes". It is vitally important that you download, save, or write down these codes as they are your only resource to get back into your Mixer account if you ever lose or damage the device you enabled two-factor on. Remember, keeps these in a safe place and don't share your codes with anyone! If you ever forget where your codes are or didn't download them on setup, you can find them at 


Please note that enabling two-factor on your Mixer account as described above will only require two-factor authentication prompts when using "other ways to sign in" and entering your Mixer email + password. If you have any accounts linked to Mixer and use those to login, we would advise you to enable two-factor on those accounts as well. Please see below for instructions on setting up 2FA for each account type:

If you have any questions about two-factor authentication, please reach out to our support team at

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