What do Chat colors mean?

Here at Mixer, our chat colors are more than just a color, they show a specific role of the users in chat. Below you'll find just what each color means and a little about them.

Official Mixer Staff:

  • Red - Red is a rare fleet of user, there are only 2 in all of Mixer. They are the 2 co-founders of the site.
  • Yellow/Gold - Yellow/Gold are Mixer Staff (people who work for Mixer). They can be anything from an engineer, to partner managers to site admins. If a yellow name tells you something is "ok" or "not ok" they may or may not be correct.
    • The CAT Guardians are the only staff members who deal with rule violations. Always ask if the staff member is a Guardian when asking about rules. Questions answered in chat do not count as official answers. For an official answer send an email to

Official Moderators:

  • Teal - These are Global Moderators. They can moderate chat in any channel, but they cannot remove users from the site or suspend a stream.
    • Asking for Global moderator will ensure you will not be chosen. These members are chosen and vetted by CAT, and trained to follow site guidelines.They mostly handle moderation of official Mixer channels but may also help out in other channels.
    • Global Moderators will only help moderate channels that are featured on Hypezone or other official channels, and only if specifically requested to do so by the streamer.

Non-Staff Accounts:

  • Green - Green users are channel moderators. These users are appointed by the channel owner and enforce the channel owner's rules on the chat via time outs and bans.
  • Pink - Pink are Pro members. Pro is our monthly subscription service we offer on Mixer. 
  • Blue - If you don't fall into any of the above categories, you will show as blue in chat. Don't let that discourage you though, we love you regardless. 
  • White - White is the owner of the channel you're currently watching. 


Please note these are the default chat role colors. You can customize each role color via the "Accessibility Preferences" found in the "Chat Settings" by clicking the vertical 3 dot button in the chat box > selecting "Chat Settings" and scrolling down. These will only reflect to you on your account. 

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