What are Sparks and How do I use them?

What are Sparks and EXP-Experience Points?

  • Sparks are our site wide currency. You acquire these by watching streams and streaming yourself. They can be used on things like purchasing teams or using the interactive controls on streams.
  • EXP (experience points) are earned in the same way as Sparks. Once you get enough of EXP, you'll level up your account to unlock new features and show your prestige to the world!

You earn Sparks on Mixer by:

  • Broadcasting Streams (50/min)
  • Viewing Streams (50/min base level, see below on how you can earn more!)

Multipliers and Bonuses


Mixer has some multipliers and bonuses that affect how many Sparks you earn:

  • If your account is Pro, you'll earn 100 Sparks a minute in all channels
  • If you're Subscribe to a channel, you'll earn 250 Sparks a minute whilst watching this channel

The above two multipliers do not stack, however if you're Pro and a Subscriber you'll get 300 Sparks a minute while watching that channel. 

On Channel One, you'll gain a bonus 25 Spark a minute on top of your normal earn rate. 

You can use Sparks to do things such as:



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