Appealing a Ban or Suspension

When CAT Guardians determines a rule violation has occurred, they may suspend or ban the offending account. All bans and suspensions are appealable, but not debatable. We frequently get requests about what this means and how to successfully appeal a suspension or ban. Twitter is not the correct place to appeal a decision.

Suspensions are the easiest to appeal. Generally speaking a suspension is given because the stream content violated a rule. Send us a polite message at explaining the circumstance, and our agents will be happy to look into restoring the account.

Bans are a bit trickier. Search the email linked to your account for an email from zendesk. All bans have an email sent out explaining what the rule violation was. Send us a polite email at explaining your side. If you feel there were extenuating circumstances, or context we missed, include that in your appeal. Sometimes however, things go sideways and the email regarding the ban gets bounced by your provider. If you cannot find the "account access restriction" email, send us a polite request for information at , its possible, though unlikely that there was a mistake.

Politeness is the key to a successful appeal. Cursing at staff, name-calling, blaming someone else, arguing that you don't agree with the rule or arguing that you disagree with the interpretation of the rule will result in a failed appeal. We are also streamers and understand it can be frustrating to have your account access restricted, but shouting and arguing with staff is against our rules, will not get your account reinstated and may result in further restrictions.

Good guidelines for a successful appeal:

  • Explain the circumstance - while having a bad day is no excuse, we all have them, and a sincere apology goes a long way.
  • Re-read our Rules section and try to determine how you can prevent violating the rules in the future.
  • Understand that whether you have 1 follower or 1 million the rules still apply. In very limited cases, such as music labels, we will grant an exception to certain rules, such as allowing record labels to stream their music 24/7 or allowing a developer to stream a blank screen while they work on new features. These are issued by the CAT Guardians, are incredibly uncommon and unlikely to apply to most bans/suspensions. They are also not issued retroactively, message before streaming if you think you might need an exception.
  • Avoid attempting to claim "special" exceptions/privileges . Where you are from, who you are, what company you work for, who your friends are, or what car you drive, will not change the rules.
  • Show that you plan to avoid breaking the rules in the future. The past is the past, we believe everyone deserves a second chance when possible. Our concern is "will you repeat the violation" not "but I didn't realize it was against the rules".
  • Avoid pointing fingers - "But they started it" is not ok for appeals. "So and so said it was ok" also won't work unless that person is the head of CAT.
  • Don't argue that the rules are different on another site. Other site's rules do not apply to Mixer, just as our rules do not apply to their site.

We understand that misinterpretations happen, misunderstandings occur, and sometimes you just have a bad day. Show you accept responsibility, have a plan to avoid breaking the rules in the future, be polite and most bans/suspensions can be lifted. Suspensions can be lifted on the same-day as the appeal, bans may take a few days to be cleared up. We believe in "forgive, forget, and keep a record". If we lift your ban/suspension, it won't come up again unless you violate the rules again.

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