Rules of User Conduct

All rule violations are determined solely by official Mixer Community Action Team (C.A.T) Staff, based on a review of evidence. While appealable, the decisions are NOT debatable. Arguing with staff about the results of a rule violation investigation may result in account access restrictions. Guardians can be reached to answer questions by messaging

We look into every report that's submitted. Please note that abusing the reporting system itself isn't nice and runs the risk of account suspension! Before you file a report please verify that the offense is against the Mixer Rules of User Conduct below. Behavior that is not against Mixer's rules, can still be reported to the owner or moderators of a channel to ban the user from that channel.

Global Rules

These apply to all streams and chats regardless of content rating.

If a topic isn’t covered in the Rules or TOS please message us and ask if it is allowed. If we change our policy about specific content, topics, or activities we will post an announcement. After the announcement is made all community members will need to comply regardless of what was previously allowed. If you have any questions about these, please contact us, we'll be happy to chat!

There are a few ways to report a site rules violation detailed in our "How to report a rule violation" article.

If staff determines a rule was in fact violated, there are several actions they may take, but staff will not tell the reporter what action we may have taken.

  • Global Ban - Permanently revokes access to all sites
  • Suspension - Streaming ability is revoked but chatting is still allowed
  • Global Timeout - Streaming is allowed but chatting is blocked in all channels.
    • Time limited - not appealable.
  • Warning - A written or verbal notice from staff of rule violation.

While we have rules covering a wide variety of topics and content, some rule violations are more extreme and have a much higher chance of resulting in a global ban on the offending account.

  • Hate Speech - Hate speech is not tolerated on Mixer, under any circumstances. Any derogatory or insulting comment that is directed at a specific group of people may be considered hate speech. Any comment perceived by staff to be derogatory or insulting to people based on discrimination including but not limited to race, age, sexuality, physical characteristics (such as weight or glasses), gender identity, disability, military service, religion and/or nationality will be considered hate speech. Breaking this rule is an automatic global ban.
  • Harassment - Bullying and harassment are not tolerated on Mixer. This may include but is not limited to:
    • Using clips, audio files, or out of context quotes to mock or make fun of another community member
    • Using multiple accounts to evade channel bans
    • Calling a streamer a "cam-girl" or other derivatives referring to physical features
    • Submitting false reports against a streamer
      • This includes filing repeat reports on the same streamer/activity after the C.A.T team states the streamer is not violating the rules
    • Telling a user to "kill yourself"
    • Repeated sexual comments after the streamer states such comments are unwelcome. For more guidelines on what is a valid report of harassment please read our article on harassment
  • Terrorism and violent extremism - Real-world violence, including Terrorism and violent extremism have no place on Mixer. Any broadcast of real-world terrorist or violent extremist acts or the promotion, glorification, or rationalization of terrorist or violent extremist positions will be removed from Mixer. Accounts engaged in this activity may be suspended or banned, and we may engage law enforcement to protect public safety.
  • Graphic Violent/Grotesque Content - Additionally, any real-world violence or graphic content that is not related to terrorism/violent extremism is still not allowed on our platform. This includes things like stabbings, animal abuse, open surgery, etc. As a reminder, when it comes to streaming this is referring to real life displays of graphic content (or re-streaming real-life graphic content from places such as YouTube or other video sites/streaming services). Playing a graphic game is fine as long as your channel rating matches the game rating. (for example, playing M rated games would require your channel to be rated 18+)
  • Threats - It is not a joke, do NOT threaten other people. This includes threats of harm to others, threats of swatting, threats of doxing, threats of DDoS and threats of harassment. We understand that threatening to kill someone in a competitive game is part of gameplay, but at no point should anyone wonder whether you're joking, and do not make those kinds of threats outside of gaming context.  Breaking this rule is an automatic global ban.
  • Impersonation - Do not impersonate staff or other streamers. Having similar names is not automatically impersonation but should be avoided especially if one of the users is a partner, staff or other "known" personality. To prove impersonation provide evidence that the alleged impersonator is attempting to cause others to believe that both accounts belong to the same person. This will be determined on a case by case basis. Name camping may result in staff requiring a name change. More details on how to request a previously claimed user name can be found in our "Name Release Policy"
  • Suspension Evasion - Any attempts to use a new account, identity, or broadcast to a new Mixer channel after being suspended or put on 2 week ban will not be tolerated. Breaking this rule is an automatic permanent global ban

Most of our rules will result in either a suspension from streaming or a warning from a member of the CAT Guardians.

  • Image Suitability - All avatars, descriptions and offline images on any Mixer site must be suitable for younger audiences, G is a good guideline to use.  If your image is found to be unsuitable, a staff member will change it to a default image and you will be notified to upload an image that complies with the rules.
  • Name Suitability - All usernames on Mixer must be suitable for all audiences, G is a good guideline to use. If your name is found to be unsuitable, our staff may remove it, ban it or send you a request to change it depending on the severity. More rules on disallowed names and terms can be found in our article "Banned Terms and Forbidden Names"
  • Channel Description Rating: Channel descriptions should be kept clean and appropriate for a general audience.  Descriptions referencing or alluding to sex will be removed by staff for violating our guidelines on sexually explicit content.
  • Misuse of the report form or buttons may result in a warning. Misuse of the report button to file multiple unfounded nuisance reports on the same person will be treated as harassment.
  • Botting Games/Hacking - In the interests of promoting a friendly community, Mixer does not tolerate hacking. Mixer also does not tolerate botting games if it impacts other players. Using a bot or hack in a single player game that has no multi-player components and does not otherwise impact other players (e.g., for Xbox Live-enabled games, no impact to Xbox Live gamerscore) is fine. Using mutually agreed upon mods for a game with a group of friends that does not otherwise impact other players is also fine. Using a mod or hack or bot to give yourself an advantage in any open/public multi-player game is not ok and can result in your account being suspended or banned
  • Assuming Authority -  Informing users of violations or conflicts is the responsibility of our moderation staff. Behaving in a way that could lead other people to mistakenly believe you are a staff member may result in a ban.
  • Raiding - Raids are fun, and a great way to promote smaller streamers. But the spammy nature of raids can also bother or stress out unprepared streamers. In the effort to build a respectful and safe community, when raiding encourage your users to mind the channel rules, if a streamer puts {DNR} in front of their title, they do not welcome raids, please respect their wishes.
    • Reminder: it's not so much about the raids themselves. We strongly encourage supporting small streamers! It's about treating other streamers with respect, and not making them feel harassed or overwhelmed. Use your discretion and be respectful, and this should never be an issue. More information on how to appropriately use raiding can be found in our article "Guidelines for Raiding"
  • Dangerous Streaming Activities - Streamers may not stream in such a way that the streaming is putting themselves in danger, or in such a way that promotes dangerous/reckless behavior in general. This is intended to cover things like streaming while driving (where streaming is taking away from the focus of driving and/or the streamer is continuously looking at their phone instead of operating the vehicle), or streaming dangerous uses of age-restricted items (for example, streaming yourself binge drinking to the point of blacking out, streaming yourself playing "Russian Roulette" with a loaded gun, etc).
  • Self-harm - Streamers may not request help from their viewers in procuring or obtaining implements for self-harm. This includes but is not limited to: requesting donations for alcohol, requesting information on suicide, or requesting help in obtaining illegal narcotics. We understand that streaming can be therapeutic for many of us suffering from depression, our only rule is that you do not ask others to enable self-harm. If you are feeling the need to self harm, please consider contacting the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.
  • Other sites - Although we do not enforce our rules on conversations held on other sites, (Discord, Curse, Skype, Twitter, etc), we do ask you to treat others in the community the same way you would treat them on Mixer.

Stream Rules

These rules apply to the streaming site and all streams and chats.

  • Disallowed Games - Games where the primary focus of the game is sex or nudity, are not allowed to be streamed on Mixer unless modded to reduce or remove the adult content.
  • Age Restricted Items - No advertisements of tobacco products or other age restricted items are allowed on Mixer. Streamers using age restricted products in any form on stream must set their rating to 18+, this includes but is not limited to; cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping (with or without nicotine), chewing tobacco, and alcohol.
    • Streams of a user sleeping require an 18+ rating and must adhere to our clothing requirements. Users will be held responsible for anything that occurs while they are streaming even if they are sleeping.
    • Some age restricted products are not legal everywhere in the world. Follow your local laws and use at your own risk. We will comply with valid requests by law enforcement for copies of recordings.
  • Age of Broadcaster - No one should have to “guess” if the streamer is an unattended underage user. Users too young to hold an account must be visibly accompanied on-stream, by an adult, at all times. For more information, see our Terms of Service (section §4.4).
  • NDA - If a game is under embargo, do not stream it.
  • Content Quality - Content streamed on Mixer should meet certain quality guidelines to fit in with the spirit of the communities we are growing. We also require that channel owners categorize their content as accurately as they can, so that communities on Mixer are able to find the content they are truly interested in. 
    Mixer does not allow the following: 
    • Streams that are not the channel owner's original content
      • i.e. Content streamed on Mixer should be your own creation.
    • Featuring content that the channel owner does not have permission to stream
      • i.e. Channels should not stream content they do not have the rights for.
    • Channels that primarily promote empty networking
      • Example: "Follow for Follow" channels
    • Channels focused on generating digital rewards
      • Example: "Spark Farming" or "Loot Farming" channels
  • Talk Shows - Shows primarily based on talking (such as podcasts) without an activity must be clearly marked as “Web Show” and must abide by content rating rules.
  • Mature Content and Nudity - Content of a mature or sexualized nature has different standards and requirements than other types. Sex/Sexualized content, should never be the main focus of a stream. It is NEVER ok to discuss sex and a person under 18 at the same time. Our full list of rules on mature content can be found in our "Mature Content Rules" article
  • Stream-specific Rules - Some streamers may have more restrictive rules on their personal chat channel. These rules are not site rules and our staff does NOT enforce them. They are the responsibility of the individual streamer and their mods. To appeal a channel ban, you will need to talk to the stream owner as Mixer staff will not lift a channel ban.



We frequently receive requests on the following topics and have created articles to explain our policies on them.

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We are working to build a safe and fun community for streamers and viewers. Please be considerate of others, do not be a jerk, and do not do things that are illegal or dangerous. We care about you!

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