Mature Content Rules

Many of our users are under 18. To keep them as safe as possible, certain types of content MUST be marked 18+ as the channel rating. Violations of these rules may result in the loss of streaming privileges and if continued possibly the loss of account access. 

  • Mature Content and Nudity - Content of a mature or sexualized nature has different standards and requirements than other types. Sex/Sexualized content, should never be the main focus of a stream.
  • Clothing - Clothing is NOT optional. No topless streaming, that goes for males too. Staff should not have to guess whether or not you are wearing clothing. If you choose to stream in clothing that is revealing, you must be at least 18. Staff reserves the right to change the rating of or suspend any stream for clothing that is too revealing or otherwise deemed inappropriate for Mixer audiences. We have a separate article that explains how CAT Guardians determine whether clothing is appropriate or not, "Streamer Clothing Requirements"
  • Sexual Content (Broadcaster and Game) - Sex acts are not allowed on Mixer, simulated or real, some sex as part of a game storyline is allowed as long as it is not the main focus of the game.
  • Mature Content and Nudity (Game Content) - If  a game is rated “Mature” or “Adult” by the ESRB, or if the game has been modified to add  "Mature" or "Adult" content a channel streaming it must mark themselves as 18+. If a game has not yet been given a rating by the ESRB, the channel must be marked 18+
  • Sexual Content and Nudity (Non-Game Stream Content) - Artists and programmers may have a seemingly valid reason for creating adult nude models/art on screen, however, this will become an issue if significant portions of the stream are spent with excessive nudity. If an artist wishes to work on adult nude art their channel must be set to 18+, furthermore, if a significant portion of the stream is devoted to adult genitalia, the stream will be suspended.
    • There is NO valid reason to create sexualized or nude content using models or characters that appear to be under 18. Such content will result in an immediate permanent ban. We will report all violations of this rule to appropriate law enforcement.
    • Streaming videos or images of a pornographic nature may result in the suspension of your account.
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