Name Release Policy

We get frequent messages requesting to claim a username someone else has already registered. We have a very specific policy for determining who gets a contested name.

In streaming “names” are “brands”, in the event two or more people wish to claim the same name, the stronger claimant gets the name.

The name must be unique, “Mike Smith” for example goes to the first Mike Smith to sign up. Non-unique names will rarely be taken away from accounts, whether active or inactive.

How to check a name before releasing it:

  • The user requesting to claim a previously claimed name must provide proof of stronger claim
    • Verified Twitter account
    • Twitter account linked via OAuth with 10K+ followers
      • Twitter account must also have more followers than the account that already has the name. If the requesting user has 10k but the person who already claimed the name has 15k using the same name on Twitter, the 15k keeps the name
    • Linked Youtube with 50k+ followers
    • Twitch account with 10k+ followers
  • If the requesting user does not have a stronger claim, the user with the name already keeps the name due to length of ownership on Mixer.
  • In the case of an Xbox Live user claiming a stream name that is already taken:
    • If no “brand” exists on Twitter, Twitch or Youtube and the account is inactive, the user who has had the nickname longer keeps it on Mixer. If the XBL user has had the name longer, the Mixer user will be required to change their name.
  • If you believe you have a stronger claim to the name via a following somewhere other than Twitter, Youtube, Twitch or Mixer message and we'll review your claim.
  • Name release decisions are final and not debateable.
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