Name Release Policy

We get frequent messages requesting to claim a username someone else has already registered. We have a very specific policy for determining who gets a contested name. 

In streaming “names” are “brands”, in the event two or more people wish to claim the same name, the stronger claimant gets the name. 

The name must be unique, “Mike Smith” for example goes to the first Mike Smith to sign up. Non-unique names will rarely be taken away from accounts, whether active or inactive. 

How do I claim a name? It must meet the following requirement(s): 

  • The user requesting to claim a previously claimed name must provide proof of stronger claim 
  • Verified Twitter account 
  • Twitter account linked via OAuth with 10K+ followers 
  • Twitter account must also have more followers than the account that already has the name. If the requesting user has 10k but the person who already claimed the name has 15k using the same name on Twitter, the 15k keeps the name 
  • Linked Youtube with 50k+ subscribers
  • Twitch account with 10k+ followers 

For the most part, if these requirement(s) are not met, no name change will take place. 

“This was my Xbox Gamertag first!” 

  • When a Mixer username is identical to an Xbox Gamertag, the account who has had the name longer has right to the name. If an Xbox Gamertag was named the desired name before an identical Mixer username, they may claim the Mixer username. If the Mixer username was created first, it cannot be claimed, even if an identical Xbox Gamertag exists. 
  • If you believe you have a stronger claim to the name via a following somewhere other than Twitter, Youtube, Twitch or Mixer, message and we'll review your claim. 

There are some rare circumstances that may not quite line up with the above, so if you're ever unsure, ask! Keep in mind it's case by case and we cannot guarantee any releases.

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